Spring Ballet Intensive

Holiday Workshop

Every year we provide our Ballet students with the opportunity to participate in Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Exams, which will be held in our Roseville studio in term 4.


To prepare for these exams in November/ early December, we hold a 3 day ballet intensive workshop to build their confidence and learn the additional dances required for their exam. 


Students must attend 3 days of holiday classes or book additional private lessons during term 3 in preparation for exams. ($40 per day). Please also make sure you download the RAD app of your grade to practice at home.

Spring Holiday Workshop Details:

Monday 5th October - Wednesday 7th October

9am - 11am (Pre-Primary & Primary)

11am - 1pm (Grade 1, 2 & 3)

Roseville Studio

St Luke’s Presbyterian Church,

28 Lord St, Roseville

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Wear: Your SDGA uniform or your own choice of leotard, ballet tights and ballet shoes

Bring: A water bottle

If this is your first exam: Exams are a very rewarding experience! You will have a great time improving your technique and performance skills learning new dances. Approximately 90% of our Ballet students do exams each year. They are so much fun (not scary, at all!) and because our dancers feel so prepared and confident in their work, as soon as they come out of the exam room they ask "can we do that again?!"

Can I still attend the holiday classes even if I'm not doing a Ballet exam this year? For this year only, the workshop is only open to Ballet exam students as we must comply with class size restrictions.

See you in the holidays! 

Roseville Studio:

St Luke's Presbyterian Church

28 Lord St,

Roseville NSW 2069

Lindfield Learning Village Studio:

Blair Wark Centre (above oval)

100 Eton Rd,

Lindfield NSW 2070

Lindfield East Studio:

East Lindfield Community Centre

9 Wellington Rd,

East Lindfield NSW 2070

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