Concert Filming Day 2020

Below is information for our Concert Filming Day to celebrate our 10th Birthday

This year we will be having a filming day in place of our traditional concert. Costumes will be handed out in class the week before the concert. This is our big end-of-year event and we can't wait to see you there.

Date: Sunday 29th November

Time: 10am - 4 pm (individual class times are in the term 4 newsletter)

Venue: Lindfield Studio, Blair Wark Centre, 100 Eton Rd, Lindfield 2070


One of our amazing dance dads, Jason Chan, is a videographer and has filmed our previous dance concerts. He will be professionally filming our class dances and a digital copy of our filming day will be available for purchase through his website: . More information will be uploaded here on our website when it becomes available.



For all TTT, Pre-Junior, Junior and Intermediate students - hair must be in a slick high ballet bun (lots of hair spray and pins) and no make up is to be worn. Please follow this online tutorial: Senior students please check with your teacher for hair and makeup requirements. Ballet bun hair kits can be purchased through the uniform section of our website or through .



Boys hair should be neatly brushed and off their face. You may use hairspray or gel to keep it in place. No makeup is to be worn.



Girls ballet tights and shoes should be either flesh pink colour (not ‘theatrical pink’) or tone with the child’s skin tone. Boys wear white ballet socks and either black or white ballet shoes if required for your dance - please check with your teacher.



Costume hire for all students (with the exception of performance troupe students) has been included in your fees so there is nothing extra to pay. Costumes will be given to your dancer in a labelled bag during their last lesson before the concert filming day. You will return your costume in your labelled bag at your next lesson after the filming day. Costumes are not to be washed at home. Once they are returned, they will be taken to be professionally washed and dry cleaned by SDGA. A hair accessory will be added once you arrive on filming day.



Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your call time below as we must adhere to the capacity restrictions of the venue. You will arrive with hair in a slick bun, wearing your costume and with dance shoes on ready to dance. Please do not bring anything else in with you. Street clothes, street shoes and drink bottles are to be left with parents outside as we don’t have space for everyone’s dance bags inside the venue.



Many of our students will be performing in multiple dances. If your dances are being filmed in back to back sessions you may change into your next costume at the Lindfield studio in the 10 minutes between the sessions. Your parents may wait outside to give you your next costume. If you have a gap between filming (even if it is only 30 mins) you must leave the venue (you can wait in your car) and come back at your next filming time slot. This is our only option to comply with venue capacity restrictions so please don’t ask to stay on the day. Parents will not be allowed inside the venue to help with changes but will be allowed to come to the front entrance door between the sessions to pass children their next costume to change into and then return to their car or wait on the oval. 


Thanks in advance for cooperating with the venue capacity restrictions. Please do not congregate or wait at the entrance steps as we cannot risk a fine. If you would like to stay and talk to other parents you may move to the oval where there is plenty of space. 


On the next page are the timeslots for each class dance. If you have any questions or are unable to attend, please let us know ASAP as choreography and costuming will be affected.

We look forward to seeing you at our filming day as we celebrate 10 years!



Miss Regina & team SDGA

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