Dance Styles


All of our younger classes are combo classes, either of Ballet and Jazz or Ballet, Jazz and Tap. We follow this structure because each style is important in developing versatile dancers. Ballet technique is fundamental to excelling in all styles of dance and improves posture, poise and body awareness. Jazz (including Lyrical, Contemporary and Musical Theatre) develops coordination and improves leaps and jumps at a young age. Tap develops rhythm, coordination, memory and musicality. Just as children learn all of the different apparatus in gymnastics, offering combo classes keeps our dancers actively engaged for their whole lesson as they benefit from the unique challenges of each style.


Ballet classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, offering students the opportunity to participate in Class Awards, Examinations and Solo Performance Awards. Ballet technique is essential to excel in all other styles of dance and for students wishing to pursue a career in dance. The new Royal Academy of Dance syllabus is engaging and, while learning correct technique is fundamental in ballet, there is now a greater emphasis on ‘feeling before form’ for the younger grades, and then ‘feeling with form’ as the grades progress. Ballet improves posture, flexibility, grace and body awareness.


Commercial Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and Musical Theatre Jazz are taught in our Jazz classes. Commercial and Musical Theatre Jazz styles are sharp and energetic, while Lyrical and Contemporary are more expressive. Jazz develops strength, coordination, flexibility, rhythm and musical awareness. Students learn technique for turns, leaps and basic gymnastic skills.



We offer a specialised Lyrical class for our Intermediate and Senior students (from 10 yrs +). Lyrical dance encompasses classical Ballet, Jazz and Acrobatic technique performed to expressive music. Our younger students learn elements of lyrical dancing in their Jazz & Acro Dance classes, as well as in the Development & Performance Troupes.


Tap classes develop rhythm, style and coordination. Students learn a variety of tap styles including Fast Tap, Broadway Tap and Waltz Tap, to pop musical as well as jazz music. 


In Acro Dance classes, students learn Jazz and Gymnastics floor skills which can be performed in a dance. We follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus. Students develop core strength, control and flexibility, and learn correct technique for handstands, cartwheels, bridges, walkovers, aerials (cartwheels and walkovers without hands touching the floor), chest rolls, elbow stands, partner cartwheels etc. Pre-Junior & Junior classes are approximately half Jazz and half Gymnastics. Intermediate & Senior classes are majority Gymnastics based as students at this level are expected to have a solid technical foundation in Dance and be working on Acro skills during these classes to incorporate into their other dance classes *Advanced students must be able to perform cartwheels, round-offs and unassisted walkovers. These classes will move at a much faster pace. Students who are not at the required level will be asked to attend a more appropriate class.


The Development Troupe is for students who may be interested in auditioning for the Performance Troupe in future or who are wanting to improve their technique, performance skills and confidence. The Development Troupe is ideal for those students balancing other sporting and cultural commitments, and is the perfect 'stepping stone' into the Performance Troupe.


Pre-Junior Development Troupe (Kindy - Yr 1) Saturday 9.30am - 11.30am 

Junior Development Troupe (Yr 2 - Yr 4) Saturday 10.30am - 12.30pm 

Students in the Development Troupe learn Acro Dance, Ballet, Jazz & Tap within their class.


For more information about our Performance Troupes click here.

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