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Thursday 21st November 2024

5:30 - 7:30pm

Glen Street Theatre, Belrose

We're so excited for our End of Year Concert - this is the highlight of our dance year!


If this is your first concert with us we can't wait to show you how fun and relaxed, yet professional, our End of Year Concert is, giving all our students the opportunity to perform on stage, build confidence and show you the dances they’ve been learning in class. But what really makes our concerts different? We put our families first with no extra rehearsals, no extra costume hire fees, no performer fees and no stage make up. The only time you will go to the theatre is on the concert afternoon, Thursday 21st November, arriving by 4:30pm for a 5:30pm start time.

All students will perform at least 3 times on stage - the opening dance (all students), their class dance and the finale dance (all students).

New info this year is highlighted


Tickets are now on sale through Glen Street Theatre: >> CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKETS <<


Pre-school students who are 3 & 4 years old are seated in the audience between their 3 dances and require a complementary ticket (free of charge). Pre-school performers do not leave your sight and do not go backstage at any time. We have reserved the first 2 rows of seats for Pre-school performers and their families. Please check your email for the link to add your complimentary "Pre-School Performer" ticket to your ticket order.


All other students (including Pre-School students who are 5 yrs +) do not require a ticket as they will remain backstage for the duration of the concert.

Babes in arms: If you have younger siblings and they are happy to sit on your lap (under 2 yrs old) they don't require a ticket.



Pre-School students aged 3 & 4 yrs arrive at the theatre and go straight to the front of the audience with their parents. Please be seated in the theatre by 5:15pm. 


All other students are required to arrive by 4:45pm and will be staying backstage with us for the duration of the concert. Students need to have their costume on and hair done before being dropped off and bring their water bottle and SDGA uniform for the finale (and other costumes if they attend more than 1 class per week) in a small bag / black canvas costume bag. 

DROP OFF LOCATION - via the outside stairs (signs will show you where to go)

PICK UP LOCATION - via the theatre foyer. Students will come down to the foyer in their studio location groups 'Roseville', 'Lindfield' and 'Northbridge' to be collected by parents. 



As always, the safety of our dance family is our #1 priority. On concert day all students will need to be signed in to gain access backstage. All backstage helpers will be issued with security passes that are required to be worn at all times. Only SDGA staff and registered helpers are permitted backstage.



If your child has any Medical Conditions that may require attention whilst in our care or are carrying any medication with them, please notify our staff when you sign in.



Costumes are HIRED from SDGA. There are no additional fees payable for End of Year costumes are these are already included in your all-inclusive fees. Costumes will be handed out at the last lesson before the concert.

Students arrive wearing their hired costume (running order will be added here the week before the concert) and will wear their costume for the opening dance and their class dance. Then they will change backstage into their SDGA uniform to perform the finale dance. All students will leave their costumes in the labelled tubs backstage and wear their SDGA uniform home.


Please be aware that under stage lights, dark coloured or patterned underwear does not look good under light coloured costumes and white underwear becomes fluorescent. Please wear skin coloured underwear (which you can purchase from Bloch or similar).



Please check the Info Packs above as these are different for each class. 


Same as Mid-Year Concert and each class is detailed in the info packs above. Very short hair may be in a half up/half down style but please make sure you use lots of hairspray / gel and a thick hair band so hair is secure. If a ballet bun is required for your dance, we have ballet bun kits available through our 'shop'. Hair accessories (bows, scrunchies etc) will be added by teachers when you arrive at the concert. Boys hair should be neatly brushed and off their face. You may use hairspray or gel to keep it in place. 


Students do not wear make up for our concert. The only exception is senior students (aged 13yrs +) who may wear light makeup if they wish.



No Jewellery is to be worn (including earrings and watches), please leave all jewellery at home. Please remove all nail polish (including toenail polish for Acro dances and Intermediate Contemporary)


In line with venue rules there is to be NO food in dressing rooms. Please bring a labelled water bottle ONLY. 



It is suggested that students bring items in their labelled black canvas costume bag (to leave at the theatre) or a small bag. Please use the following checklist:

  • Costume (with ballet stockings on for Ballet classes) and dance underwear (wear on arrival)

  • SDGA uniform for finale dance

  • Ballet or Jazz shoes if required 

  • Extra bobby pins, hair spray, elastics

  • Water bottle

  • Outdoor shoes to wear home



A downloadable professional video of the concert is included in the ticket price so please sit back and enjoy the performance. You will be invited to take photos and videos of the finale dance on stage.


The finalised running order will be added here the week before the concert. If you have questions about the order of your dances you're welcome to ask in your last lesson when you receive your costume.

Thank you for taking the time to read all information in the Info Packs. It should cover any questions you have, if not, please feel free to reach out to one of our team or send us an email here. We hope you are all looking forward to the concert as much as we are!

Miss Regina & the SDGA team :)

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