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(YR 7 +)


In Acro Dance classes students learn Gymnastics floor skills which can be performed in a dance.  We follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus. Students develop core strength, control and flexibility, and learn correct technique for handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, aerials (cartwheels and walkovers without hands touching the floor), partner work and more. Before our Mid-Year and End of Year concerts students learn a class dance to perform, showcasing their Acro skills.



Ballet classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and give students the opportunity to participate in annual exams. Ballet technique is essential to excel in all other styles of dance and for students wishing to pursue a career in dance. Ballet improves posture, flexibility, grace and body awareness. Students perform a dance at our Mid-Year and End of Year concerts.



Commercial Jazz and Musical Theatre Jazz are taught in our Jazz classes. These styles are sharp and energetic. Students learn technical turns, kicks and leaps and develop strength, coordination, flexibility, rhythm and musical awareness. For our seniors, this class is a fun and physical opportunity to keep in touch with the dance friends they have grown up with (especially if they are now at different high schools).  Students perform a dance at our Mid-Year and End of Year concerts.


Lyrical and Contemporary are expressive forms of dance, building on the foundations of classical Ballet and Acrobatic technique. This class is ideal for Jazz students  who would like to improve their technique and for Ballet dancers looking to improve their expression and fluidity of movement.  Students perform a dance at our Mid-Year and End of Year concerts.

THE DANCE APPRENTICE - teacher training program - new in 2024

New in 2024 we will be offering "The Dance Apprentice" - teacher training program for students aged 13.5yrs + following the Dance Apprentice 1.0 syllabus.


Class fees = $25/lesson (1 hour class), $25/lesson (1.5 hour classes) and $20/lesson (The Dance Apprentice + $99 annual fee). Costume hire for our End of Year concert is included in our class fees. In 2024 we will be In 2024 we will be introducing fortnightly direct debit. Fees are listed on the enrolment form per lesson and will be debited per fortnight. Enrolments roll over each term and can be adjusted or cancelled at any time with 2 weeks notice. If your family is attending multiple classes visit our 'fees' page for more info.


Do classes follow the school term? 

Yes, click here for our term dates. Please note that classes are held on public holidays

What does my child wear and bring for a trial lesson?For a trial lesson, we recommend wearing leggings and a t-shirt with bare feet. Please bring a water bottle (and afternoon tea, if joining the walking pickup). Once your child is enrolled, we have a compulsory uniform which is required after 3 weeks.


How can I buy the uniform?

Click here to visit our uniform shop. 

When are the concert dates?

We have 2 annual performance opportunities: our Mid-Year Concert and End of Year Concert. Click the links for dates, times and more info.

Do you offer Ballet exams?

Yes, our Ballet classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and we are proud to offer annual exams. Exams are not compulsory but are incredibly rewarding and positive experience. For more info please click here.

Any other questions? Send us an email:

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