Welcome to Twirl, Tumble & Tap

Twirl, Tumble & Tap is a beautiful and developmentally appropriate introduction to ballet, dance, music, singing and gymnastics for girls and boys. Your child will love dancing with all of their new Twirling friends and enjoy learning the fundamental ballet positions and dance technique in a caring and nurturing class. 


What makes Twirl, Tumble & Tap different?


Our structured syllabus has been designed by our principal, Miss Regina Kneller RTS RAD, BA (Art History and Theory and Sociology) and Miss Anne-Louise Deakin RTS RAD, MScAgr, MTeach (0-5y). Our syllabus ensures that Twirl, Tumble & Tap classes are developmentally appropriate as well as engaging, inclusive, build social skills, increase body awareness, perseverance and early literacy and numeracy skills.


Our syllabus comprises of:



Ballet is the foundation of dance. Ballet helps to develop good posture from an early age while encouraging your dancer to move gracefully. We also encorporate other styles of dance such as Jazz and Musical Theatre, as well as the basics of Gymnastics, to improve strength, coordination and flexibility while introducing your dancer to a range of music styles. 



We use instruments and clapping patterns to develop musicality and a sense of rhythm. The use of patterns and sequences helps develop early mathematical concepts. Turn taking and sharing of props helps to develop social skills.


Singing and dancing to well-known children's songs and Nursery Rhymes helps to develop confidence, coordination and performance skills for presenting in front of an audience.



Nurturing your dancer's creativity is very important as this builds into early literacy. We encourage story telling and imagination as an introduction to developing performance skills and engage every dancer to build their self esteem and confidence. 



To finish our 9.30-10.30am class our students learn beginner gymnastics skills. Students develop core strength, control and flexibility and learn correct technique for handstands, forwards rolls, table tops, cartwheels and bridges. 

GYMNASTICS & TAP (additional 1 hour extension class for 4-5 year olds)

Building on from our Ballet and Dance class, this additional 1 hour extension class on Saturday mornings will teach your dancer the foundation of gymnastics technique whilst improving core strength and body awareness. This class is designed for children who are going to 'big school' the following year as they start to learn forwards and backwards rolls, bridges, cartwheels, handstands and walkovers. After 30 minutes of Gymnastics your dancer will change into tap shoes (optional) or hard soled shoes for a 30 minute tap class where they will enjoy learning stamps, taps and brushes, and more complex rhythm patterns in preparation for 'big school'. Your dancer will love this exciting and challenging class. 


Ages 4 - 5 years

Twirl, Tumble & Tap - Ballet & Dance - Saturday 9.30 - 10.30am (Roseville)

Twirl, Tumble & Tap - Gymnastics & Tap extension class - Saturday 10.30 - 11.30am (*must also attend 9.30 - 10.30am class)

Girls Uniform

- SDGA Leotard with skirt attached ($55 purchased through the 'uniform' shop on our website and collected at your class) or any style pale pink tutu

- Pale pink wrap top for winter

- 'flesh coloured' pink ballet tights or ballet socks

- pink leather ballet shoes with elastic sewn over arch

- hair off the face (must be in a bun if also attending Gymnastics)

- Pale pink hair bow

Boys Uniform

- New boys SDGA t-shirt

- Black shorts or leggings

- Socks with grip on the sole or bare feet



Yes, we do! Book your dancer's trial lesson here

We encourage all parents to bring their child to a trial lesson and for parents to watch the first class. This is a great opportunity for parents to see the studio and the structure of the class.



We understand that all children settle into class at a different pace. We encourage parents to watch your child's first lesson to help them settle in to the class and so that you can see how the class is structured. After the first lesson, parents are encouraged to allow their child to participate on their own so they can fully immerse themselves in the class. You may wait in the kitchen area or come back at the end of the lesson. Most children settle in very well during the first lesson and progress at a faster rate if you encourage them to follow the teacher. Please feel free to call us to discuss your child's individual needs. Due to COVID restrictions only one parent may stay for the first class.

If COVID restrictions permit, the last 15 minutes of the last lesson of each term is an open class for all parents, family and friends to watch the progress your child has made during the term. We would love you to see you there.


On Saturday 8th May we would like to invite all of our TTT Dance Mums and Grandmas to attend a special "Mum and my Dancer" class from 9.30 - 10.30am in Roseville, regardless of which day your dancer attends. Wear your gym clothes and we look forward to welcoming you to join your dancer and participate in their class. For Father's Day we invite our Dads and Granddads to join in our classes. It is a very fun day at the studio and a very special day for building memories together.


Girls tutus, ballet tights/socks and shoes can be purchased from Bloch (closest store is Chatswood). Boys t-shirts are available from SDGA and shorts or leggings are available from K-mart or Target. Occasionally tutus are available at K-mart or Target and these are perfectly fine for the class provided that they are pale pink in colour. If your child would like to wear the SDGA leotard with skirt attached, these can be purchased online through the 'uniform' shop on our website for $55 and collected at your class.

Roseville Studio:

St Luke's Presbyterian Church

28 Lord St,

Roseville NSW 2069

Lindfield Learning Village Studio:

Blair Wark Centre (above oval)

1 Dunstan Grove,

Lindfield NSW 2070

Northbridge Studio:

1st Northbridge Sea Scouts Hall

347 Sailors Bay Rd,

Northbridge NSW 2063

PO Box 308, Roseville NSW 2069   |  Regina Kneller - 0413 221 277   |   info@sdga.com.au