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We are so proud of how beautifully our Performance Troupes represent Sydney Dance & Gymnastics Academy. The success that our dancers have achieved to date is a reflection of their passion, dedication and commitment to dancing. Students who demonstrate a high standard of technique, musicality and performance, are excelling in their classes and wish to take their dancing to the next level will thrive in our Performance Troupes. Selection for our Performance Troupes is by invitation and audition only. For students working towards the Performance Troupe, the Development Troupe is the ideal 'stepping stone'. 


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In 2019 we introduced a 'Development Troupe'. The Development Troupe is for students who may be interested in auditioning for the Performance Troupe in future or who are wanting to improve their technique, performance skills and confidence. The Development Troupe is ideal for those students balancing other sporting and cultural commitments, and is the perfect 'stepping stone' into the Performance Troupe. Pre-Junior Development Troupe students require Ballet & Tap Shoes. Junior, Inter and Senior Development Troupe students require lyrical toe shoes only.


Pre-Junior Development Troupe (K - Yr 1) Saturday 9.30am - 11.30am 

Junior Development Troupe (Yr 2 - Yr 4) Saturday 10.30am - 12.30pm 



Dance is a team sport and attendance at rehearsals and eisteddfods is imperative to the success of the troupe. We give parents as much notice as possible for performance dates and, in fairness to all students and parents, it is expected that all dancers who commit to the Performance Troupes prioritise dance above other sporting, cultural and family events. If you are unable to prioritise the Performance Troupe over their other commitments but would still like your child to improve their technique, performance skills and confidence, enquire about our Development Troupe.


8/u Troupe: Saturdays 11.30am-12.30pm (this troupe will compete in 2 eisteddfods in 2021)

12/u Troupe: Tuesdays 5 - 6pm (this troupe will compete in 5 eisteddfods in 2021)

13/o Troupe: Thursday 5.45 - 7.15pm (this troupe will compete in 2 - 5 eisteddfods in 2021)









  • Classes / Troupe Rehearsals: Weekly rehearsals are the same cost as regular classes and are included in the family fees structure. 

  • Costumes: Costumes are yours to keep. Prices are generally $95 - $115 per costume, and students require 1 - 2 costumes per year. Every effort is made to ensure costumes are versatile and can be worn for multiple dances over multiple years. Therefore, they must be stored in a suit bag between performances. 

  • Competition Fees: You will be sent an invoice via PayPal on 1st March for all eisteddfod entries for 2021 ($40 - 80 per dance, per competition). Payment secures your place in the Troupe.


All Performance Troupe members may book private lessons to prepare a solo dance. Solo dances may be performed in eisteddfods as well as Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Solo Performance Awards. The number of private classes required will depend on how long it takes the dancer to learn and retain the choreography. Most students require a minimum of 3 x 1 hour private lessons to learn their solo dance and then additional private lessons to polish it ready to compete. After your first private lesson, music will be sent to your email to practice your dance at home. Private lessons are $65 for 30 mins and $85 for 60 mins, payable by PayPal invoice. 

Once approval has been given from SDGA, parents are responsible for solo eisteddfod entries for their dance and you are provided with the freedom to choose which Eisteddfods you enter. We recommend you join Comps Online at the start of the year ( 

  • Attendance at all of your Troupe and technique classes is important. Students missing classes on a regular basis will not be allowed to compete at upcoming competitions.

  • Students must practice their routines at home between lessons. Teachers have the right to refuse students entry into the next competition if they need to re choreograph due to lack of practice.

  • Every student must respect their teachers, fellow students and competitors whilst representing SDGA at Eisteddfods and whilst in class.

  • If you need to cancel your private lesson, 24hrs notice is required or you will forfeit your lesson fee for that date.

  • It is essential that you are on time for your private lessons, as missed time will not be made up. Private lesson time slots are available on Saturdays, during the school holidays or during school time. 

SDGA retains all rights to choreography, music and costuming and reserves the right to refuse entry into eisteddfods under SDGA if the student is not demonstrating the required level of technique, performance or sportsmanship to represent the studio. 


Thank you for supporting your dancer. Dance is a team sport and all performances, eisteddfods and exams are an incredibly valuable learning experience that bring our dance family closer together.


Our dancers shine on stage and have always achieved incredible results in exams and eisteddfods, however this is not what we are most proud of. What makes us the most proud is when our dancers ‘hi-five’ their competitors as they come off stage. We are so grateful for the influence we have in your child’s development and while we are training dancers, we are, more importantly, raising children.


While our dancers are gaining confidence and developing their performance skills and dance technique, they are learning valuable life lessons. In a society where every child gets a medal for participating, our dancers are developing resilience and learning that exam marks and eisteddfod results (like so many things in life) are one persons opinion on one day at one time. 



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